Enjoying My Freedom
Monday, August 16, 2010, ϟ 0 shout(s)

in reality, I'm not sure want to written and discus this note..
all about my single state..
haha.. maybe sometimes I cant agreed my own note..


in my single time :
free.. so free,,
no load in my life..
always making friends.. friendss and friendsss,,
all time just for me.. no other.. 
all time just me me me..
and my friendship..
no pain cause of boys..
boys like a game..
sometimes,, feel lonely too..
no have a pole to rest..
no have a umbrella to take shelter..
no fulling my inbox with a freshing word..
and feel like a lose person..
where I shared my simple sense,,
that can make my days so happy and full of flower..
so lonely day..

in my relation state :
so happy every day..
especially when I'm in love..
there are one that ready to listen my story..
important story until unimportant story..
the place where we can shared our tears and our smiles..
ready in all his time..
for us.. 
can to be our friend, our parent, our brother, our boy, our enemy, our teach, our soulmate, every thing we need,,
but.. in other side..
sometimes he make me bored,,
ready make me hurting,,
ready make my tears spill every night,,
make me angry
confiscating my time..
forcing me and so make me lazy to meet him..
make me decreasing my time with my other  friendship boy.
and jealous jealous for me..
it make me lazy with him....

*maksud e opo aku nulis ngeneki yo ra jelas :p  * 

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