the time
Saturday, February 18, 2012, ϟ 0 shout(s)

we have different atmosphere.
we have different air for breathing.

we have ever be a same rhythm.
we have ever be a same music.
we have ever be a same season.
we have ever be a same taste.
we have ever be a same jokes.

but when the time is run so fast, he's leaving our memory, our laugh, our smile, our topic, our smile, .... 
make me so far with everyone that I meet in the past.
some times I hates the time.
he makes me feel so alone.
he makes me remember all memory that I can't reach again.
he makes me want to rolling my life.
he makes me wanna be a selfish. I JUST WANNA HAVING ALL MY TIME IN MY LIFE.

we can use it.
but we can't have it.

we can waste it.
but we can't save it.

can be a my life rescuer.
but his killing my sweet memory time.

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